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Sales Optimization

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

Dale Carnegie


If there is anything in your business that you should keep at, it is your sales efforts.  Each and every day, you need to keep at it by finding new leads and following up with existing prospects; all while providing excellent account management to existing customers and clients.

For many, perhaps most, keeping at it simply means making calls or sending emails to those who appear on the "follow up ToDo list".  Although that is a system, it is a strategy to keep busy, not a strategy to grow sales. Worse, it time spent is time that cannot be devoted to proactive, scaleable and measurable sales efforts.

Truly effective and efficient sales requires a systematic process that provides sales and customer support representatives with a repeatable guide to take prospects from qualify to close in the shortest time frame possible. At the same time, systematic sales processes also provide management with the key performance indicators needed to properly manage the sales team, the funnel, and the business' growth.

But creating a quota busting sales process requires more than establishing guides for sales and support teams to follow. True Sales Optimization requires:

  • Establishing Territory and Commission structures that motivate

  • Selecting and Configuring Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Automation tools to fit the specific business and market needs

  • Conducting Effective and ongoing training

  • Developing KPI's that not only allow accurate measurement and management of the sales team, but provide insight into the status of leads and customer satisfaction 

Because a change in one area will cause change in others, true sales optimization demands that the above macro and the many related micro issues be reviewed and addressed in context of each and not in ad-hoc manner.

Recurve Business Consulting can:

  • Optimize your sales & support teams or help build those teams

  • Audit sales funnels and markets for gaps and revenue opportunities

  • Develop sales funnels that are optimized for your business and market

  • Coach sales and customer services reps and managers to be the leaders you hired them to be

  • Develop new or Optimize existing sales processes so they are repeatable and scaleable

  • Configure or if need be select, customer relationship management and related marketing / sales automation systems to ensure that they are a the productive tool sales needs them to be and the accurate reporting platform you require them to be.

To speak with a Recurve Business Consultant about strategies to Optimize your Sales, call 847-868-0455 or CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment.

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