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What's with the name Recurve?

Around 1000 BC, military technology took a giant leap forward when archers in Central Asia realized that curving the wood at each end of their straight bows allowed them to shoot further with the same effort used to pull the bow string on their old straight bows. The addition of a simple curve allowed the archer to increase their output with the same input.

Like the namesake bow, Recurve Business Consulting understands that there is energy stored within each business and that by modifying some of the tools or processes within the business, that same energy can yield far bigger results.

Recurve Business Consulting focuses on helping small and medium sized business owners improve their sales, marketing and business operations, and in turn help the owners achieve the lifestyles they dreamed of when they started their businesses.

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Mark Bromberg


Mark brings close to 30 years of experience helping businesses of all sizes solve sales and operational issues. In the process he realized that it was more fun and more rewarding to work with smaller businesses where he could see the impact of his work on the owners and their staff.

Click HERE  to email Mark directly.

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